First Action

On Thursday 19th October 2017 the Needs Machine had its first public outing.

We created a structure designed to fulfil the five different kinds of need that Maslow identified in his theory and we offered people the opportunity to give their feedback on what they really need. 

The machine had the following stations:

1. A rest station, where people could sit down, wrap a blanket around themselves, and have a cup of tea.

2. A risk assessment station, where you could follow a decision tree to arrive at a personalised analysis of the dangers in your life.

3. An area where you could either follow a set of instructions that would put you in touch with an old friend, or use a walkie-talkie to speak to someone you didn't yet know.

4. A set of headphones where you could listen to a constant stream of compliments.

5. A canvas and some art materials for painting and self-expression.

The feedback that we received about which needs were not fulfilled by the machine are currently being processed and we will be using this information to help create our next action.